Pugwash Yacht Club
Visitor Information

Docking space and services are limited but we usually have open visitor berths and the town’s shops are only a short walk away.

It is recommended that reservations be made in advance by contacting one of the following. Please note that we operate on a "first-come, first-serve" basis and if we cannot accommodate visitors there are other locations in the harbour that will provide overnight dockage.

Visitor Contacts
Rod Benjamin 902-243-3629 rodpug302@yahoo.com
Fred Jesty 902-661-1336 fjesty@hotmail.com

Honorary overnight dock payment is made via a slot in the end of the club house at the end of dock.

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When Approaching From the Water

When approaching Pugwash from the distant north, there is a dominant radio tower as a main heading. A few miles out you will start to note the various navigational aids. The channel can accommodate ocean going bulk (salt) carriers so there is plenty of water. Do not venture out of the inner channel areas during low tide. Local sailboat owners usually take down mainsails in waters west of UK 3 and UK 4. Definitely stay in channel from UK 8 and UK 7. If wind is assisting one can sail with a head sail until UK 22 or UK 23. Beyond this point the channel narrows and currents become a factor.

The yacht club floating docks are on the south side of the harbour and in spite of current in main part of river, it is calmer in the area of the docks. Place your fenders on the port side of your craft. Visitor docking locations are on the northeast side of docks and face bows to west.



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