Pugwash Waterfront Master Plan

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In 2018, the Pugwash Waterfront Master Plan – Concept Advancement Report was completed by Architecture49 and WSP, drawing on the Waterfront Development Master Plan developed by BDA Landscape Architects in 2015. The Master Plan identified the Harbour Walk and Harbour Centre as two of the nine key elements of the development of the Pugwash waterfront. The Harbour Centre element of the Master Plan is essentially a redevelopment of the Pugwash Yacht Club (PWYC), addressing the many service shortcomings of this small facility.

While support has been positive, the Harbour Centre development component does require some orientation modifications due to space limitations and other factors.  Further, the proposed concept  was aspirational, and with an estimated cost of $2.7million, it is unlikely that funding could be acquired to proceed with full implementation.  Nonetheless, there are elements of the Harbour Centre plan that are financially feasible to proceed with and be consistent with the design elements of the Waterfront Development Master Plan, while also addressing several immediate needs of the Pugwash Yacht Club.

These elements include:

These elements are fundamental to future development of other services including, public washrooms, commercial spaces, etc. as envisioned in the Harbourfront Master Plan. The dredging of the inner harbour area, in addition to maintaining the space for the existing docks, will result in accommodating an additional 15 – 20 boats, address the annual membership waiting list, and accommodate the growing demand from visiting boaters.
Several elements of the Harbourfront Development have been addressed with the completion of the new stage in Eaton Park, the new Library and, the waterfront boardwalk . The proposed improvements to the PWYC are measures that will serve as building blocks for the future expansion and adaptation of the Waterfront Development Master Plan.  

Over the past three years, the PWYC has been working on the various elements of the project, with the focus being primarly on addressing the regulatory approval processes involving several federal government departments, including Fisheries and Oceans Canada. We are at the final stages of fulfilling the application requirements to secure Ministerial Authorization from DFO.  Once this has been received and, with a positive response on our funding application, onsite work will get underway late in the upcoming boating season.

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